There Are 3 Different Ways to Launch Your Rebrand


Congrats, you’ve just finished working with a brand designer / agency on your fresh, new branding!

…now what?

We don’t keep count of exactly how many brands we’ve revealed since our business’ inception but we do know that it’s a lot. What we also know is that “launch paralysis” is a common and genuine thing, and we’re here to change that! Take a moment to read this article if you’re currently sitting with a new identity and have zero idea on how to tell the world (we’ve got you).

How to Reveal Your Business Rebrand (3 Launch Strategies)

Method 1: Cold Turkey

For those who like the idea of jumping out of a giant birthday cake and yelling, “Surprise!”, this method is made for you. The “cold turkey” brand reveal method involves a swift, overnight change from the old identity to the new. This method is best for brands whose new identity is the “better, newer” version that they know their new audience will absolutely love. This method is not for rebrands that will confuse, alienate, or disrupt your existing audience - especially if the rebrand involves a radical name change.

Here’s a perfect example of a rebrand that is suitable for a cold turkey launch approach:


When to Reveal Your Rebrand at Once:

- The new brand is more of a “refresh” and not a radical change.
- The target consumer remains the same.
- The name has not changed.

How to Reveal Your Rebrand at Once:

- Update all of your online avatars on social media.
- Update your website with appropriate branding, colors, fonts, etc.
- Redirect your website to the new domain (if necessary).
- Share a “We Have a Fresh Look!” type post on Instagram stories.
- Post a photo of the new branding on Instagram with a longer explanation in the caption.
- Don’t forget to update misc. brand locations like your email signature!

Method 2: Slow and Steady

There are instances when a “slow drip” approach is more appropriate given the intensity of the rebrand. Launching a rebrand slowly allows the audience (and even yourself) to adjust, take note that you are still the same company, and perhaps even come around to the idea of you operating with a different aesthetic, message, and even Instagram handle.

This method is also ideal when the rebrand affects physical assets, such as a brick and mortar store. While you’re taking time to update exterior signage and maybe even interior updates, a slower reveal method allows for the buzz to build while you make those in-person changes.

If your rebrand isn’t drastic but this method still appeals to you, it certainly has other perks. People love “behind-the-scenes” and “sneak peeks” of change - just be prepared to receive major feedback in piecemeal which may be positive or negative (you can’t please everyone).

Here is an example of a rebrand that would likely do best revealing bits and pieces slowly over time:


When to Reveal Your Rebrand Slowly:

- The name of your business has changed drastically.
- The original brand elements are nowhere to be found.
- The intended audience has shifted.
- The rebrand affects a brick and mortar space.

How to Reveal Your Rebrand Slowly:

- Show the transition with a fade-in, fade-out motion graphic (old logo to new).
- Prep your audience across social platforms and your website with a “Soon changing to this name Spring 2020” verbiage.
- Change your email signature with new logo and a “formally this name” verbiage below.
- Share snapshots from the rebranding process to remind your audience that change is coming.
- TALK with your audience about the change! Why are you rebranding…how does this affect their interaction with you / the user experience, etc.

Method 3: Collaboratively

The collaborative method of launching a rebrand is perhaps the most time-intensive but can also be the most rewarding out of the three. This launch method simply means that you’re taking an audience-first approach to developing the rebrand and sharing the news. Why this is effective:

- Your audience feels connected to the change (even if they don’t technically “participate”).
- It reinstates that your business invests back into itself, building clout.
- It results in a longer list of content besides the obvious “We’ve Rebranded”.

Here are ways in which your businesses could collaboratively launch a rebrand:

- Begin to share aesthetic inspiration on Instagram stories and ask your audience’s opinion.
- Ask your audience what descriptors come to mind when they see your logo or color palette for the first time.
- Share behind-the-scenes content of your team working with the brand designer / agency.
- Use the Instagram Stories Poll / Question / Gauge tools to ask for your audience’s opinion whenever possible.
- Write “Why It’s Time for a Rebrand” content and spill your biz guts out (we’d read it).
- Ask your audience (or business friends) who’ve rebranded to talk about their experience with you and share that content.
- Share anything surrounding the physical rebrand assets that come from the process (business cards, hangtags, packaging, signage).
- Print a physical magazine to include the full branding process (and why you did it), photograph influential peers reading it to create buzz.

Whether your rebrand is more of a refresh or is a total overhaul, the above illustrates three different ways you can scream, “We’ve Rebranded!” to the world. Have you gone through a rebrand and have found certain launch methods to be effective? Let us know in the comments!