Defining Your Brand's Beliefs: Dear Skeptic Exercise

What's a rebrand without a little discomfort? Sometimes the best way to clearly define what your brand stands for is to create a bit of tension. With this branding exercise, you’ll work backwards to determine what differentiates your business from others, and why your business is worth connecting with over another.

Our Dear Skeptic Exercise is simple but in many ways difficult: we ask you think of your biggest skeptic; someone who points out all of the flaws and doubts about your business. This can be an imaginary person made up of several random comments, or a very real person you’ve dealt with in the past. Your job? To write a heartfelt letter addressing these skepticisms in hopes of turning this person into your biggest fan - or at the very least, someone who can appreciate and respect the work that you do. 

This is not a roast.

This is an honest attempt to address this skeptic’s biggest points with the end goal of turning them into a fan.

Download and print the below worksheet and follow along!

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