The Perfect Time to Brand Your Business

The absolutely perfect time to brand your business is 10:35pm Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, February 12th 202— okay, the jig is up. If only there was an absolutely pivotal moment in a business lifecycle when you’d know that it was the perfect time to invest in your branding.

Before we get into all that, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page when you hear the term “branding”. What does it mean to “brand” your business? It means:

+ Getting clear about what your business stands for and how that’s communicated (verbally and visually).
+ Defining not just the demographics of your target customer, but their psychographics.
+ Understanding the experience you want your customers to have before, during, and after their interact with you.
+ Crafting a visual identity that clearly differentiates yourself from competitors, while still speaking to the aesthetics of your audience.

Your brand is more than a logo.

The unfortunate truth is that the perfect time to brand varies from business to business. Some people invest shortly after they conceive of the business idea, and some wait a few years (even decades) before “getting their ducks in a row”. As brand designers, we prefer ducks in rows at all times, but understand how other things — like contractors, rent, and even complacency — can get in the way.

If you’ve been contemplating taking the leap with a brand designer or agency, here are a few common scenarios some of our own clients experienced before they said, “Alright, it’s about time.”

3 Signs You’re Ready for a Rebrand

1. Eyes are on you now.
It’s easy to slide by when your biggest fans are your mom and your bff. But when a major publication shares your work or approaches you for a collab? Things are getting serious! This case is pretty common and usually results in a full rebrand along with digital assets like a Product Catalog or Website Design (we do both!).

2. New products on the horizon.
Maybe you started selling screen printed clothing for kiddos, but now demand has led you to offer nursery decor and a DIY craft subscription box. It sounds like it may be time to reword your messaging so that people understand how all of these things fit under one roof. Extras might include new copy for your website or even secondary logos that feature each new “arm” of your business.

3. It’s not just you anymore.
When your team starts to grow from you a your cat Mr. Meowface to you, Mr. Meowface, and two other people, it’s important to get everyone on the same page in terms of brand beliefs and company culture. Clearly defining what you stand for as a company (and more importantly: what you don’t stand for) not only helps bring a sense of unity to your team, but allows potential customers a chance to decide whether they align with your values or not. Pro tip: and if they don’t align with your values, that’s okay.

If any of the above scenarios are ringing true for you, here’s what you should expect from a complete rebrand:

Flourish Collaborative’s Brand Development Package

Business Purpose
+ Why, How, and What Statements
+ Mission and Vision Statements
+ Purpose Statement and Pitch

+ Identify Key Differentiators
+ Competitor Analysis

Brand Traits
+ Brand Persona and Tone
+ Brand Language

Target Persona
+ Full Customer Narrative
+ Demographics and Psychographics

Product/Service Map
+ Projected Offerings
+ Success Forecast

Identity Design
+ Primary Logo
+ Secondary Logos
+ Colors, Fonts, and Aesthetic
+ 2 Print Collateral Items

Brand Style Guide
+ Usage Guidelines
+ Implementation Guidance

What if I don’t need a total rebrand?

Maybe you’re pretty clear on how to speak about your business but you need a little facelift. That’s okay! Ain’t no shame in a few adjustments here and there. We like to call this service a Brand Refinement, and it essentially takes everything you’ve got going on into consideration before we bring in a few additional design elements or add new ones as we see fit. Sometimes this means you’ll keep your primary logo and we’ll add on a few secondary logos for you to play with. Other times, it’s taking what you have and creating digital assets (like Instragram templates or newsletter campaigns) so that everything looks more cohesive.

We hope this was helpful in determining the best time for you and your business to undergo a rebrand. If you have any questions, drop a comment below or contact us directly: info [at] flourishcollaborative [dot] com.