Becoming a Dream Client Magnet

There are only two factors in finding your next dreamy client: be yourself and know where to look. Tired of getting inquiries from not-so-ideal customers? Tired of not getting any inquiries at all? This game plan helps solve both problems (true story). And if you find all of this helpful, share it with a friend, will ya?

1. Get super clear on who you're attracting.

Any piece of content should stem from a well-developed client avatar. Once you get past the basics (gender, age, location, occupation), start digging into their lifestyle. What other brands make their heart sing and how can you learn from their tactics? How do they talk on their Instagram and Facebook pages and how can you skew your copy to sound relatable? Do they greet friends with “hello there” or “hey girl hey”? Are they the thoughtful, folksy type or do they bow to Queen B? Invest your time and money in figuring them out. Otherwise, you’re shooting aimlessly without a target. Here's how we find our dream client on Instagram specifically:


Our Instagram Strategy for Finding Our Tribe

1. Identify other brands / hashtags your target customer uses.

2. Visit a brand profile, click on their latest post (or a post that is similar in feel or content to your vibe) and take note of who’s commenting. The longer the comment,the more of a fan they are.

3. Trace back to the super engaged people’s profiles and give them a few likes / comments. Don’t get crazy. Only 2-3 likes and an honest comment will do the trick. This is essentially a tap on the shoulder to get them to check out your feed.

4. Repeat. We recommend doing this daily for 15-20 minutes.

Hint: The same goes for hashtags. Check out some of the most recent posts and start engaging with these people. Bonus tip: see what other hashtags they like using and start applying these to your posts when appropriate.

2. Calm down with the templates.

Every work efficiency blog post out there will tell you to create email templates when reaching out or responding to inquiries. Here’s the problem: they’re not personal and almost always sound template-y. Your emails should be only 20% template (at most) and 80% real live words from you. Start the email with a friendly hello and relate to them by doing a little research. Do they live close to a relative? Do they have a history in an industry you once dabbled in? Do you both flood your Instagrams with way too many pics of your Yorkie pup? Lead with a connecting point and their interest will multiply x1000.


How We Typically Format Our Prospect Emails

Hey [proper spelling of first name],

This is who I am. This is why I'm contacting you. We heard you have these problems. We can relate/help in this way. 

Here's more about our company. I'm describing what we do in a way that speaks directly to your problem. 

I'm letting them know our sales deck is attached (this is a super powerful tool that explains our message and is meant to inform and persuade). It's best if we chat further and hear more about your problems via Skype or phone. This is my availability for next week. Ask them when works best for them. (Note: I'm not asking if we should chat, I'm asking when they're free.) 

Be a nice person and wish them a great day / weekend / rest of the week.

3. Continue the conversation (yes, like a real person).

Every time you get a comment on an Instagram or FB post, think of it as a doorway into that person’s mind. Instead of replying with a simple “thank you” or smiley emoji, pop over to their world to fodder a real conversation. If they like a bunch of your stuff at once, send them a DM and personally thank them for the love - then ask a question. Always end with a question. The fact that they’re engaging with you means that they are naturally attracted to you. Find out more about them and use this as data for future marketing efforts. At the very least, prove to them that there’s a real human being on the other side of the screen. That goes a long way these days.