4 Secret Places Your Most Engaging Content Is Hiding


Out of content? Doubt it. Here are four places your most engaging content is hiding:

1. Your Client On-Boarding Process

We're willing to bet there are email templates, discovery questions, and worksheets you give clients before moving forward with direction. These resources can be a gold mine for opt-in freebies, quick Facebook posts, or even a newsletter. 

2. Old Posts

The truth is, most of your content goes unseen by the majority of your audience. Today’s social media algorithms are ever-changing, which means it’s become even harder to have your posts seen organically. Not to fret! This actually works in your favor. Recycling used content isn't a biz faux pas; it's called being smart. Take some of your most valuable content shared in the past and give it a revamp with new graphics, maybe a more suitable title, or with "what I know now" add-ons.

Have a super successful Instagram post? Reformat the image and post on Pinterest, linking back to the original Instagram post.

All of those Instagram stories of your day-to-day? Compile them into one giant “Day in the Life” video for IGTV.

Blog post getting a lot of traffic? Create a campaign across Facebook and Twitter to tease the intro copy, leading users back to your website to read the full post.

3. Your Process

Whether you handcraft leather goods or offer doula and midwife services, there's an internal process to your business worth sharing. Letting people into your studio, office, or practice builds brand trust and opens the door to discussion and inquiries. Example post ideas:

+ Your morning routine (either before or once you get into the office).
+ Where you go to take a mental break / grab coffee.
+ Office tour.
+ How you package and ship orders.
+ Preview of a new blog post going up.
+Behind-the-scenes look at something new.

4. Your Last Coffee Date

The questions and struggles being discussed over coffee can be more valuable than you think. Try and recall a few topics of conversation you've had recently with fellow business owners and make use with blog posts, tweets, or invite that friend to recreate your talk into a shareable audio clip. Here are a few we always bring up in conversation:

+ How often are you posting to Pinterest?
+ What’s the best way to gather more newsletter subscribers?
+ What tools do you use to handle social media?
+ How often should I update my website?
+ What content is really resonating with your audience?

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