5 Uplevel Investments Worth Making

There comes a time in your business lifecycle when bootstrapping your way through the trenches just isn't humanly feasible anymore. You've nourished your business from infant to toddler, and the fact that it can now walk and talk on its own is starting to freak you out. When your hands are full and nothing seems to budge, it's time to call in the troops. Here are five investments your "business baby" needs in order to grow:

1. Branding $950-3500

Before your business begins to really take off, it's important to take a moment to solidify what we like to call your "brand foundation", that is: who you are, what you stand for, and (most importantly) why. Only then can you switch gears to your outside. Your brand mark, symbol, color palette, or typeface all act as a trigger to attract your dream customer and make an impact. 

Lucky for you, we know these two girls who could help. 

2. Website $350-1500

Your website is more than just internet real estate. When done well, it's the employee that works while you sleep. Hire a professional to dive into how you're gaining traffic, how long your customers hang around, and how to rework or revamp in order to convert.

Did you know we offer web services as part of our brand package? Take a look here.

3. Accountant / Lawyer $250+

If there's one thing you shouldn't DIY, it's the law. The best business is the one that stays in business, which means having your partnership agreements, client contracts, and billing all sorted out (especially come tax time). Take your time interviewing local CPAs and attorneys who have experience with businesses like yours and actually care to get to know you. Don't be afraid to shop around until you find one that clicks!

4. Photographer $500-2,000

A solid lifestyle brand is always pushing content to better connect with their customers. Whether it be head shots, product photos, or process shots, visual communication is key to building brand trust and adding legitimacy to your business, especially as a creative. Check out a few tips on taking successful brand photos here.

5. Weakness of Your Choice

Basically, if it's something you absolutely hate doing or are genuinely terrible at it, give it to someone who is great at it. Trust us, some people actually enjoy working in spreadsheets all day. It's bizarre.

If your iPhone pics are subpar, hire a photographer.

If your Facebook is sad, hire a social media manager.

If your inbox is overloaded, hire a virtual assistant.


Tip: Get connected with the Being Boss Facebook group and search the directory for sources on all of these professions (and then some).