3 Keys to Attracting Dream Clients

Take a moment to paint a picture of a super dreamy client: eager and excited to work with you, willing to let you take creative lead... maybe money isn't an issue and they're quick to refer you to everyone they know. As dreamy as that sounds, it doesn't have to live and die on cloud nine. The basic principle to attracting dream clients is to really know who they are.

Just like discovering what your brand stands for and how it communicates that message (which is what we do, by the way), the same concept can be applied to selling a product. Here are three keys to attracting dream clients:

3 Ways to Attract Dream Clients

1. Speak their language.

You can't sell something to someone without knowing who they are; not just what they need from a consumer standpoint, but what they value most. What do they find humorous? What gets them most excited? Spend the time speaking with your dream clients (in person and over the phone if possible) and pay close attention to not only what they're saying, but how they're saying it. Once you feel like you could create a monologue based on their personality, begin using some of their jargon everywhere: social media posts, your website, even tailored proposals. By the time you go in for the sell, they should be wondering why you weren't best friends like yesterday. 

2. Appeal to their aesthetic.

If you're going for the minimalist-hipster type with a keen eye for design, yet your services are packaged like it's 1996, how are they going to connect with you? Don't leave that first impression to chance. Do the research and truly understand current market trends and how closely your target follows them. If you want to work with a certain type of person, make sure your website and portfolio reflect that standard. If it means creating "fake" projects to show that you're on the same page, so be it. It's better than missing the mark entirely and losing a dream client. 

3. Level the playing field.

Your dream clients want to work with you, and you alone. And that means maintaining a level of transparency so that they feel easily connected with who you are as a person behind a brand. Make it known as you communicate via email or elsewhere that this is a collaboration made up of two equal parties, not just a company and a customer relationship. Dream clients should be people that can get behind what you're saying, and likewise the other way around. Express your excitement to work with them and don't allow them to think that you're not approachable, because they might just do that: not approach you.

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