The Success Cycle, Stage 3: Magnet

By now you've made some serious headway in delineating your brand from the rest by listening to your audience and giving away the things they want most like king size Snickers on Halloween (you know the type). You've spent countless hours interviewing and researching, followed by long nights of pulling together super dreamy content for the masses - so now what? Now, my friends, is the best part. Enter stage three of she success cycle: magnet. 

The beauty of producing high quality content that your audience really wants is that they know other people who also want what they want who then share it with even more people who want all the wants. If your product/service is good enough, your name will spread organically through your dream client's circles - if not immediately, then absolutely down the road when your industry comes up in conversation. This is why giving away value is crucial. 

Tip: If you find someone who is telling all their friends about your stuff, thank the hell out of them. Just yesterday someone tagged three of their friends to check out our Instagram post. She said we were super cool. Do you know what we do with people who think we're super cool? We get a hold of their mailing address and send them something awesome. That's how we roll.

I'm going to get a little woo-woo here (blame it on my coaching background) and bring up the Law of Attraction. You can give and give and give all you want, but if you - yourself, as a business owner - are not open and willing to receive, you're not going to see a penny of return on your investments. This shit is real, people. The success cycle will do you no good unless you're capable of saying the following phrase without a single stutter: "I am capable of producing and receiving everything I desire." Don't roll your eyes at me; this is serious. Write it on a post-it and tattoo it next to that infinity symbol on your ankle you thought was cute in 2008. 


Three Ways to Master the Magnet:

1. Check your funnels.

Sure, you're gaining a ton of hype on Instagram and your blog, but where do you take your potential clients from there? Are your "contact me" and "buy now" buttons clearly visible without having to scroll for ages? Is there easy access to your newsletter signup form across multiple pages of your site? Experience your brand as the user and make sure they have a sure-fire way of completing the transaction. 

2. Position yourself.

A magnet is no good when placed 10,000 leagues under the sea if your target market is a palm tree. Sure, you're in the same ballpark (congrats), but unless there's a hurricane on its way to shake things up, your efforts are useless. This ties back into the sponge theory in that you have to be where the people are. (If The Little Mermaid didn't just pop into your head, you had no childhood). If your clients aren't on Snapchat, why are you spending all your time sharing 5 second videos of your process? If your clients are visual and don't have time to read long forms of content, why are you blogging mini-novels of your entrepreneurial journey at 3am?

Be smart about where your brand is showing up and make sure it's the same place your customer base naturally flocks to. 

3. Let the forces do their thing.

The most important thing to realize during this phase is that you are in fact a magnet, not a fishing net. You can't expect to push great value out into the universe and then dip your hand into that pot of gold whenever you so please. That's not how this works. As a magnet, the attraction takes time to reel in. Embrace the nature of the magnet. While the forces of the universe are doing their thing, it's up to you to get a head start on your next success cycle.

Hustle smart, and trust the process.

- Erica

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