Get it, girl.

I'm going to be real for a second (and by second, I mean always). This post isn't going to provide miracle steps to perfecting your craft, nor is it going to teach you how to connect to your dream tribe. Yes-these things are real, and valuable, and Floco can help you with them. The thing is that, none of those things mean anything if you don't give give yourself the chance to be unafraid of them. Take that in for a second. You can't be afraid if you want to flourish.

How many of you find yourselves looking through your LinkedIn friends and see that girl you knew from college traveling the world with a fashion house ? Or someone you know from yoga class that just opened her own cafe? Or your old roommate being like ttyl, going to San Fran to present my products to West Elm? I'm certain that all of these people have one important thing in common: it's not education, or personality, or money. People succeed because at one point or another, they become fearless. 

Honestly, think about how stupid it is not to do something that you love. DO.SOMETHING. THAT.YOU.LOVE. Where is there even a question involved in this? Back off the excuses, drop the "what if's?", and get it, girl. It's time you let go of your fears.


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Caty Cote2 Comments