You Are Not A Robot

It's 2015 and we still haven't learned how to sound like real human beings when we're online. If I had a dime for every "To whom it may concern" email starter bookended by "Kindest regards", my couch would be filled with shiny round objects instead of whatever heinous poly-foam fill I could afford coming out of college. Honestly, I'd be loaded and probably more comfortable than I am now. Take any business course these days - virtual or not - and I guarantee your curriculum will cover something called "Business Etiquette" or what I like to call "How to Act Like A Robot".

If your end game is to trick your colleagues into thinking you're an auto-response software with the latest Mannerisms 1.2 upgrade pack, congratulations. You just "Very truly yours'ed" your way out of my inbox forever. Ew.

It's as if the concept of actually writing in your own voice is so taboo and unknown, we immediately fall back on this archaic internet language and then spend countless hours wondering why a genuine connection isn't being made. This is especially true for designers and small business owners trying to communicate their services or justify why their costs are what they are. So often I get asked the question, "But how do I tell them that yadah yadah and blah blah?"

The answer is simple. You tell them "yadah yadah and blah blah." 

People connect with people, not robots. If the reason why you refuse to lower your ice cream truck selections for a private event is because it's a hassle restocking for the next event later that evening, then that is exactly what you say. No need to be rude or snappy or bust out the sailor mouth; just explain the situation as if you were a real person with a real life and real bills and issues and they will understand. And if by chance they don't understand or refuse to budge, then sign off with a good ol' "sayonara" and make room for your next dream client. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Psst . . . this is a small part of our brand strategy process that makes sure your brand is communicating effectively on different platforms. Let us dive into how to best communicate your brand's persona by getting in contact with us here. We don't bite.