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Erica Kelly

Asker of "Why and How", Avid Interwebber, Gemini

After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) with a BFA in Interior Design, Erica honed her professional practice and design skills at local Savannah firm Rethink Design Studio. Mixed with a love for visual arts and graphic design, Erica's interior design philosophy evolved into a greater focus on user experience in a branded environment. She brings that same cohesive thought process to the table at Flourish Co., offering insight on how creatives can build a lifestyle brand from the inside out. Lover of the outdoors and believer of good vibes.

Caty Cote

Curator of "Who and What", Beyonce Fangirl, Taurus

Caty started earning her design stripes as a teenage intern for a high-end residential interior designer in New York City, learning the ropes while hauling totes of fabric and (gratefully) being present during all aspects of the design process. While at the Interior Design program at SCAD, Caty also fell in love with Fiber Arts and the ability to create a personal, handmade product. Most recently, Caty has worked as a design consultant for a products-based company, guiding clients to make aesthetic connections. FLOCO is able to use Caty's experience as a thoughtful design curator to create a solid and honest identity package. When she's not #realtalking with Erica, Caty is either creating the perfect cocktail or singing jazz standards to her crazy dog Duke Ellington.

The insight from Flourish Collaborative was exactly what I needed to help narrow in on the marketing direction for a start-up where I hold a seat on the executive board. Erica and Caty were instrumental in helping me determine a clear and consistent brand platform for the company.

They not only helped paint a picture of the demographics of our user, they helped me actually paint a picture by working with me on a social media photo shoot to help target that user. They listened and offered workable and creative suggestions for brand strategy. I’m a huge fan!
— Libbie Summers, Creative Culinary Director at Terra's Kitchen

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